Friday Link Pack

I, Pencil – lovely little film about how everything is connected. (via explore)

– This About Page made me laugh.

– I simply heart my friend Chris Glass who responded to my son’s #itshardbeingtwo series with this photo.

– Next time you make Bacon Pancakes, put on this song!

– This is fantastic. Congratulations to Paola Antonelli for adding 14 Video Games to the MoMA Collection. One can only imagine how many hours were spent on the phone by lawyers trying to negotiate this deal.

– Only one more day to apply to speak at the December CreativeMornings in Geneva, Milano, London or NYC.

– What if your cupcakes (or finger foods) could talk? What would they say? Get crafty and try it with these Mini Speech Bubble sheets.

– Filmmaker Robert Weide asks Woody Allen 12 questions that he’s never been asked before.

– My head exploded just a little bit. These patterned paint rollers are all kinds of amazing.

– Start every morning off with short history lesson while you’re waiting for the bus or eating breakfast.’s This Day in History gives historical recaps of important events, inventions and people for each day in the calendar year. (via tinybop)

– If I was a small dog, I would vote for this couch.

– Next time you’re at a coffee shop, ask for a Zarf. (27 Everyday Things You Never Knew Had Names)

Typographer’s and their handwriting. (via aaron)

The Buy-Nothing Holiday Survival Guide

– Ever wondered what the Pantone value was of a certain country flag? Well, here you go. (via @davidairey)

– Cooper Hewitt’s Object of the Day.

– Need some gift ideas? Check out the massive Coolhunting gift guide.

– Did you catch Craig Mod’s article on Subcompact Publishing?

– Tattly now has gift cards! We couldn’t be more excited.

– Thinking about buying a Christmas Stand? Appartment Therapy has a nifty guide.

– Become part of Studiomates, my coworking space, by applying for the Lead App Designer position at Tinybop.

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