Best of Abduzeedo 2011 – Part 1

The year 2011 is coming to an end and it has been such a big year for all of us. I decided to share this first part of a round-up of the best and interesting posts from Abduzeedo this year. I hope you guys will enjoy it!

On behalf of the Abduzeedo Team, we would like to wish you a Happy New Year for 2012 and stay abducted by design!

Amazing Paper Artworks by Cheong-Ah Hwang

Stunning Airbrush Surrealism

Badass Illustrations by Dan Hipp

Random Paradises

Ultra-Creative Foodscapes Photographer Carl Warner

Delicious Drinks Illustrations by Fabio Rex

Creative Work by Vanessa Dualib

The Style of Music

How does your workspace look like?

Inspiring Creative Process Videos

Awesome 3D Characters

Spider Close-up Photography

Awesome Typography Works by Andre Beato

Lego Creations Inspired by Movies

Extreme Light Painting by Janne Parviainen

Amazing Double Exposure Photography

12 Paradoxes of Graphic Design

Art to Support Japan

Music Genre Poster Series

Beautiful Japan Photography

Levitating Self-Portraits by Natsumi Hayashi

Ball-Point Pen Illustrations by Hakuchi

Clever Shadow Photography

Breathtaking Photography Mitchell KanashkevichS

Formula 1 Poster Series by PJ Tierney

Surf Underwater Photography by Sarah Lee

Vintage Label Designs

National Tasty Flags

Mysterious Photography of Mikko Lagersted

Righteous Typography by Ryan Fease

Astonishing Hotel Above Santorini Volcano, Greece

Beautiful Illustrations and Papercut Works by Bomboland

Selective Focus Photography

Superb Photography by Felipe Neves

Impressive Portrait Photography by Luca Pierro

Amazing Spiral Effect

Abduzeedo Book Story and Giveaway

Beautiful Iceberg Photography

Aircraft Wings View Photography

See you in a bit for Part 2!

About the author

My name’s Fran├žois Hoang and my alias’s Aoiro Studio. I am a self-taught freelance graphic designer from Montreal, Canada. I’ve been designing for the last 4 years and really have a huge passion for creative work that makes a difference in our world. If you wanna requests some posts; I can be found on Twitter or feel free to contact me.

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